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 Welcome  To Metamorphosis  Consulting Services 

At Metamorphosis, we specialize in empowering vulnerable students as they conquer social-emotional landscapes to prepare them to achieve success in adulthood. Our nonprofit initiative offers intensive holistic therapeutic counseling and academic support for students from kindergarten through college.    

We provide students with the essential information needed to make well-informed decisions as they work their way through every level of school. As a holistic service provider of emancipated foster care youth, we also provide housing, mental health services, trauma-related therapy, community leadership coaching, and financial literacy education. 

 Mission Statement 

Metamorphosis Consulting Services empowers vulnerable students kindergarten through college to conquer their social-emotional landscapes so they can achieve academic and career success through intensive holistic, in-community counseling services and support. Our nonprofit, evidenced-based program provides the students who need the most assistance in school with the essential information and support needed to make well-informed decisions as they work their way through every level of their education.

We also support young adults who have aged out of foster care and have started their post-secondary studies by providing housing, mental health services, academic support, trauma therapy, community leadership coaching, and financial literacy education. Our program is designed to dovetail with the support offered by New Jersey’s Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF) and Preparation for Adult Living (PAL). Our ultimate mission is to help our students start their lives on the right foot, setting them up for success in college and career and preparing them for home ownership.


At Metamorphosis Consulting Services, we

remain grounded by the following core values:

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Personal Empowerment 

The cornerstone of our work is empowerment. Our success hinges on our ability to empower youth to achieve academic and personal success. When a person is carefully nurtured and nudged toward agency, ownership, and self-sufficiency, the best outcomes are within reach.

Trauma Informed/ Social Emotional Health Practices

We work to help young people conquer their social-emotional landscapes, operating under the idea that if a person isn’t emotionally healthy, they will not be able to thrive in school, career, relationships, or any other realm of their lives.

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Self-Esteem Building 

We work to dismantle false imagery that prevents youth from increasing their self-esteem, instead teaching them to show themselves kindness and compassion while embracing their own dignity as human beings.

 Fiscal   Responsibility 

We emphasize the importance of being financially literate and fiscally responsible as young adults prepare to become homeowners, entrepreneurs, and community leaders. We believe any young person can be financially successful if provided with quality instruction on money management and fiscal prudence.

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Community Leadership 

We believe it is critical to prepare the youth of today to become tomorrow’s community leaders. We accomplish this by helping them embrace the leader within through proper mentorship and coaching. We believe that young people thrive when they can model themselves after successful mentors ready to show them the way. We want today’s youth to envision themselves as future leaders and mentors

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Evidence Based 


We prioritize academic discipline that embraces scholarship supported by research rather than anecdotal beliefs or untested theory to increase knowledge and improve long-term trajectories of youth.   

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